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PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To work as a member of the Housing Management team in giving extra support to tenants who need help in sustaining their tenancy. This may involve short term intensive support to particular individuals, less intensive support over a longer term, or work with particular groups of tenants. Where possible, tenants will be helped to develop skills and signposted to agencies which will help them prepare for and find employment. KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. As directed by the Housing Services Manager and in liaison with other members of the team, to have regular contact with individual tenants who are struggling to maintain their tenancy due to emotional difficulties, mental health problems, a history of alcohol or substance misuse, financial issues or lack of knowledge and experience about running a home. 2. To develop and maintain a support plan with a clear accurate account for each tenant, based on need and a risk assessment. Support plans and sessions will be documented. A support plan will be closed in discussion with the HSM and the individual resident. 3. To deal appropriately with any referrals, queries or requests for information ensuring that actions are documented. 4. To ensure that professional boundaries are established and maintained, and that the support given empowers the individual tenant to manage independently, rather than having to rely on continuing support. 5. To build up contacts with relevant statutory and voluntary agencies so that tenants can be referred on or agencies can work alongside the Support Worker. 6. To liaise with Housing Benefit where appropriate and assist residents in applying for other benefits, ensuring that they understand their responsibility to pay all rent and service charges. 7. Where and when appropriate, to help tenants find training, work placements, volunteering, courses or introduce them to other useful agencies to help them into employment. 8. To encourage feedback from tenants on how services can be improved.


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